Integration and Transaction Mapping

Use CashAnalytics to automatically collect data from a wide range of live sources. Intelligent mapping rules will save you significant amounts of time by streamlining the overall cash reporting process.

Connect with any data source

Full automation of data collection from ERP systems, data warehouses and other internal and external sources of information.

Seamless interface with all major bank formats (e.g. MT940 and BAI2).

Improved Governance and Control

Manage large data volumes in a structured and secure environment.

Gain clear visibility over exceptions and unmapped transactions.

End-to-end process automation

Dynamically populate reporting and forecasting models with real-time transactional data.

Update data periodically or set up real-time feeds.

Advantages of data automation

CashAnalytics automates the collection of cash flow data from internal ERP or TMS systems and external sources of bank account data.

Effective processes

An effective cash forecasting and reporting process relies on the collection of cash flow information from multiple sources with an organisation.

API integration

Integration via the CashAnalytics API is straightforward and easy to manage, interfacing with every available cash flow data source.

Intelligent transaction mapping

Streamline your overall cash forecasting process and save significant amounts of time with intelligent transaction mapping rules.