Use Cases

Automated cash flow forecasting changes the way people work across teams and drastically reduces time spent on manual, time consuming tasks, making room for higher value cash and liquidity management activities.

13 Week Cash Forecasting

Quickly and easily set-up a 13 week cash flow forecasting model in CashAnalytics that provides clear visibility over short and mid term cash flow.

Automate manual forecasting tasks and the collection of all actual and forecast data to significantly reduce the effort involved in managing a 13 week cash flow forecast.

The 13 week forecast will become an indispensable part of your liquidity management activities ranging from short term working capital management through to covenant reporting.

13 week Cash Forecasting

Accounts Receivable Forecasting

Accounts receivable and customer collection forecasting is the most critical yet often the most challenging part of cash flow forecasting.

CashAnalytics automates the process of forecasting accounts receivable cash collections by connecting directly to ERP systems to capture ledger data and using artificial intelligence to analyze historical payment patterns.

This in turn removes the majority of manual work involved in accounts receivable forecasting while providing detailed insight into customer payment behavior and expected cash collections.

Accounts Receivable Forecasting

Liquidity Management

The most important factor in effective liquidity management is having clear visibility over current and future cash flow.

This provides the basis for understanding both what liquidity is available within a business today while also allowing future liquidity shortfalls and surpluses to be quickly identified.

CashAnalytics provides this visibility as a baseline and gives treasury and finance teams a range of automation and analysis tools to further streamline the process of liquidity management and business unit funding.

Liquidity Management

Bank Connectivity & Reporting

CashAnalytics automates the process of collecting, consolidating and classifying bank account data on a daily basis.

With data flowing in directly from banks, CashAnalytics then provides a single source of all actual cash balance and transaction information, providing clear visibility over current cash positions and recent cash flows.

Intelligent mapping rules automate the classification and categorization of cash flow data every day, ensuring the data is instantly useful for both reporting and forecasting.

Bank Connectivity and Reporting

Multi-Location Forecasting

Cash forecasting in businesses with multiple business and locations is difficult due to the effort in collecting and consolidating large amounts of cash flow data in excel templates on an ongoing basis.

Using CashAnalytics, each business unit controller enters or loads their forecast data directly in the system through an intuitive web based interface. This means that all data automatically flows through to a central reporting model, removing the need to collect and manage data manually.

The cash forecast data from all business units can then be quickly and easily consolidated into a single reporting output using a range of reporting tools.

Multi location Forecasting

Working Capital Analysis

CashAnalytics provides clear and detailed visibility over short term payables and receivables and all other drivers of cash flow through central forecast models and reports.

With access to all cash flow and ledger data in one place, future cash and working capital requirements can be planned with relative ease.

This means that working capital can be optimized to the greatest extent possible and cash flow will always be put to the best possible use.

Working Capital Analysis

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