Multi-Location Forecasting

CashAnalytics will streamline and automate the collection and consolidation of cash flow data from multiple business units and locations across a business.

Streamlining Complexity

Cash forecasting in businesses with multiple business and locations is difficult due to the effort in collecting and consolidating large amounts of cash flow data in excel templates on an ongoing basis.

Using CashAnalytics, each business unit controller enters or loads their forecast data directly in the system through an intuitive web based interface. This means that all data automatically flows through to a central reporting model, removing the need to collect and manage data manually.

The cash forecast data from all business units can then be quickly and easily consolidated into a single reporting output using a range of reporting tools.

Key Features

Intuitive Interface

CashAnalytics has an excel like interface that is very easy to use and will be familiar to all users.

Track User Submissions

Track business unit user submissions and monitor progress through a single dashboard.

Rapid Data Consolidation

Quickly consolidate cash flow data from all business units into a single reporting output.

Detailed Drilldown

Drill down to business unit and transaction data through consolidation and variance reporting.

With over 100 different legal entities actively contributing to our model, the simple set-up, logic that is easy to understand for everybody in the process, and very flexible customization of the model are the main reasons we like CashAnalytics so much

Alex Sika Head Treasury Services & Data Analytics

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