The all-in-one cash flow forecasting and cash reporting platform

CashAnalytics is a cash flow reporting platform that automates cash flow forecasting, bank account reporting and working capital analysis.

By managing all of these activities in one place you get a single source of cash flow visibility while significantly reducing the amount of time and effort spent on manual cash forecasting, reporting and analysis tasks.

Designed for mid market companies with a focus on cash flow

Straightforward set-up and roll-out

With API, ERP and bank connectivity, CashAnalytics will provide value in a matter of days.

Intuitive and easy to use

An intuitive user experience and excel like interface makes CashAnalytics very easy to use on a day to day basis.

Highly customizable and scalable

CashAnalytics is designed to meet both the current and future needs of your business. It grows as you do.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Replace complex spreadsheet cash flow models and hours of manual work with a streamlined software based cash forecasting solution. Connect directly to key sources of cash flow such as banks and ERP systems to automate the capture of cash flow data and the creation of cash flow forecasts that meet the specific needs of your company.

Bank Account Reporting

Connect directly via API to thousands of banks in the U.S, Europe and worldwide to see all your bank account balances and transactions in one place. This allows you to see where all your cash stands today on both a consolidated and per account and bank basis while also automating the categorization of transactions in real time.

AP and AR Analytics

The CashAnalytics SmartLedger provides in-depth analysis of AP and AR data with the goal of helping you better understand key drivers of cash flow and the payment behavior of your customers. This helps you forecast collections and payables more accurately while highlighting where actions should be taken to improve free cash flow.

Seamless integration with ERP systems

Connect your ERP system with CashAnalytics to automate the creation of short to medium forecasts. Also, with ERP connectivity, CashAnalytics will give a deep insight into the payment behavior of your customers and show you where cash flow improvement opportunities exist.

ERP connectivity

Since integrating CashAnalytics, Excellence Logging notes the key difference between before and after CashAnalytics is that they now have confidence in the numbers.

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Set up and Support

With a keen interest in cash flow reporting and a deep understanding of CashAnalytics, our Customer Success team is on hand at every stage of the implementation process and beyond.

Dedicated Implementation Manager

Individual project plan

Account set up

Data import

User training

First reporting cycle with on hand support

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.