Securing and protecting your data comes first

The safety, protection and integrity of data are our highest priorities. CashAnalytics is built from the ground up with security at the core and we invest daily to ensure that the data we hold is safeguarded to the greatest extent possible

Our approach to data security and compliance

As a Software as a Service [SaaS] provider, we are responsible for safeguarding our customer's data, and for ensuring that all information is protected against unauthorized destruction, disclosure or modification.

ISO27001:2022 & SOC 2 Certified

We leverage the best compliance and privacy practices to meet the highest security standards and undergo multiple audits and compliance checks every year. CashAnalytics cloud services are ISO 27001:2022 certified, SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant. Contact us to request a copy of our security certificates.

We are also part of the Cloud Security Alliance® [CSA] – Security, Trust, Assurance and Risk [STAR] Program, listed as Level One Cloud Service provider. Our entry in the CSA STAR registry is available here.

Information Security policies

Our Information Security Management System [ISMS] adopted by the entire organization aims to protect both company’s internal as well as our customer information.

Our governance framework includes over 40 information security policies ranging from the overarching Information Security Policy to Change Control, Vulnerability & Patch Management, Incident Response, Vendor Management policies and procedures.

Privacy & GDPR

In line with GDPR, we in CashAnalytics implement the Privacy by Design principle throughout the entire data processing life cycle. Privacy by design is an approach to systems & software engineering in which privacy (and protection of personal data) is taken into account at every step of the data life cycle.

Security Awareness

Our security awareness training programme includes multiple channels for educating personnel to good security practices. Upon hire and on an annual basis, all members of staff attend a security awareness training session which covers our security policies, customer data protection practices, GDPR notions, password security, physical and cyber threats etc. We also perform phishing simulations multiple times a year and send monthly security newsletters to keep employees up to date on the latest security threats.

Resource monitoring

We implement multiple automated controls continuously monitoring the health and the configuration settings of our systems. This is to ensure a fast and reliable cloud service to all our customers

Vulnerability Scans and Penetration testing

We submit our systems to several periodic security checks, including monthly vulnerability scans, to ensure that potential flaws and bugs are identified and remediated at the earliest.

We also use independent third-party security experts to conduct penetration testing on CashAnalytics cloud applications at least once a year.


Encryption technologies are critical for the security and privacy of CashAnalytics data. We ensure high security standards and at the same time high level performance by using built-in, fast and reliable encryption solutions, encrypting archived data (e.g., backup copies) and only employing encryption algorithms which are considered secure in the industry.

Web Security

CashAnalytics uses TLS protocol version 1.2 for all Internet based communications. This means that when users land on our web portal, their connection is secured with HTTPS, implemented using 256-bit transport encryption. Connection attempts made using weaker encryption methods (e.g., SSL version 3.0 or early TLS) or vulnerable systems (such as Internet Explorer, which is not supported by Microsoft anymore) are rejected.

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