Liquidity Management

CashAnalytics allows for efficient and robust liquidity management by providing clear visibility over actual and forecast cash flow across an entire business.

Clear Liquidity Visibility

The most important factor in effective liquidity management is having clear visibility over current and future cash flow.

This provides the basis for understanding both what liquidity is available within a business today while also allowing future liquidity shortfalls and surpluses to be quickly identified.

CashAnalytics provides this visibility as a baseline and gives treasury and finance teams a range of automation and analysis tools to further streamline the process of liquidity management and business unit funding.

Key Features

A Single View of Liquidity

CashAnalytics provides a single view of actual and forecast cash and liquidity across a business.

Cash Pool Funding

Automatically track cash pool sweeps and funding balances between business units and funding entities.

Intercompany Tracking

Automatically track and reconcile intercompany movements between business units.

Detailed Reporting

Gain headline and detailed liquidity visibility through a dedicated suite of reports and dashboards.

Senior management’s faith in our forecasts is now at an all time high and we are using what we are seeing as a basis for significant liquidity and funding decision making for the company’s future, something we couldn’t do with confidence before. I have received significant praise for choosing CashAnalytics and implementing so quickly and we are extremely happy with how everything went

Patrick Clarke Group Treasurer

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