Accounts Receivable Forecasting

Accurate and robust accounts receivable forecasts is the most important element when building a cash flow forecast.

Accurate Customer Collection Forecasting

Accounts receivable and customer collection forecasting is the most critical yet often the most challenging part of cash flow forecasting.

CashAnalytics automates the process of forecasting accounts receivable cash collections by connecting directly to ERP systems to capture ledger data and using artificial intelligence to analyze historical payment patterns.

This in turn removes the majority of manual work involved in accounts receivable forecasting while providing detailed insight into customer payment behavior and expected cash collections.

Key Features

Customer Payment Analysis

Analyze customer payment behavior using detailed payment profiles generated automatically for each customer.

Automated Forecasting

Combine current AR ledger data with customer payment profiles to automatically create highly accurate short term forecasts.

Overdue Management

Create rules to ensure that overdue invoices are factored into a forecast automatically each time the data is refreshed.

Detailed Invoice Analysis

Analyze data on a per invoice basis while quickly rolling up to per customer and aggregate level analysis and reporting.

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.