Bank Account Reporting

Automated Bank Account Reporting

Move away from logging into multiple banking portals every day and manual transaction categorization by centralizing all bank account reporting through CashAnalytics.

See all your bank accounts, balances and cash flow in one place

Connect via API to thousands of banks

Connect to thousands of banks across North America, Europe and the rest of the world using APIs.

A single source of all your bank account data

Instantly see your total cash position and quickly drill down to individual bank accounts and transactions.

Automated cash flow transaction categorization

Automate the posting of cash flows to reporting categories using machine learning and user generated rules.

Connect directly or via API to any bank account

API connectivity means that you can connect to your banks as easily as you log-in to your online banking platform. As simple validation process allows CashAnalytics to capture all of your bank data from all of your banks automatically every day.

With thousands of banks to choose from, you will be managing all your daily cash reporting in one place, in no time.

Achieve clear visibility across the entire organization

  • Clear visibility over all your accounts and balances without the need to login to multiple banking platforms all the time.
  • A series of dashboards and reports provide a consolidated position and help you understand trends and what’s happening on a per bank account basis.

Automatic categorisation of bank account transactions

Transaction mapping uses AI to recognize similar transactions, however, all categorization is done in line with your rules, mapping clearly to your reporting categories.

When categorized, the bank account transaction data also flows through directly to your cash flow forecasting module in CashAnalytics to automate the process of “actualization” on an ongoing basis.

See what our customers are saying

“I think the key difference between before CashAnalytics and after is that we have confidence in the number… we have absolute certainty now in our forecasts… and it was an absolute savior for the business.” Patrick Clarke, Group Treasurer at Excellence Logging

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Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.