How businesses are getting more from CashAnalytics

CashAnalytics is a cash flow reporting platform that automates cash flow forecasting, bank account reporting and working capital analysis. By managing all of these activities in one place you get a single source of cash flow visibility while significantly reducing the amount of time and effort spent on manual cash forecasting, reporting and analysis tasks.

13 Week Cash Flow Forecasting

Automate manual forecasting tasks and the collection of all actual and forecast data to significantly reduce the effort involved in managing a 13 week cash flow forecast.

Multi-Location Forecasting

CashAnalytics will streamline and automate the collection and consolidation of cash flow data from multiple business units and locations across a business.

Bank Connectivity and Reporting

Connect automatically to your banks through CashAnalytics to gain a single view of all bank accounts balances and transactions.

Liquidity Management

CashAnalytics allows for efficient and robust liquidity management by providing clear visibility over actual and forecast cash flow across an entire business.

Working Capital Analysis

Detailed working capital analysis and clear visibility over short term payables and receivables are essential components of an effective cash management strategy.

Accounts Receivable Forecasting

Accurate and robust accounts receivable forecasts is the most important element when building a cash flow forecast.

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.