Connect CashAnalytics with your ERP to automate cash flow forecasting

Directly connect to your ERP and make cash flow forecasting easier, faster and far more accurate.

Why integrate with CashAnalytics?

Automated cash flow forecasting

Take the pain out of cash flow forecasting by automating manual cash forecasting and bank reporting tasks with CashAnalytics.

Gain clear cash flow visibility

Manage all your cash flow data in one place for more cash visibility and deeper insights into what drives cash flow.

Improve free cash flow

With all your cash flow data in one place, you will quickly see how and where cash flow can be improved across your business.

Connect to any ERP

Connect CashAnalytics with your ERP to make all your data easier to understand and act on.

ERP connectivity

Clear visibility across the full spectrum of cash flow

  • Integrating CashAnalytics with your ERP will give you clear visibility over the full spectrum of cash flow - historic cash flow trends, current day positions and balances through to your forecast which can extend to any duration.
  • CashAnalytics also connects with other cash flow data sources such as banks to automate all parts of your day-to-day cash flow reporting and forecasting.

Short-to-medium-term cash forecast automation

  • AP and AR data captured from your ERP is used to create a detailed short term direct cash flow forecast, typically extending from four to six weeks.
  • Medium term forecasts can be created in a number of different ways such as translating budgets into cash flow forecasts or by modelling data directly using excel like functionality.

Highly accurate customer collection forecasts

  • CashAnalytics analyzes historic AR data in your ERP to learn the payment behavior of your customers.
  • This learning is then used to adjust the payment dates on outstanding invoices to create highly accurate collection forecasts.
  • Detailed customer payment profile dashboards will show you Days to pay, DSO and historic payment patterns for all of your customers.

How BearingPoint accurately forecast payment collections

“The system can learn how your clients are paying and look at historic[al] patterns. You can understand how our customers pay, something that adds value not only from a forecasting perspective but broader cash management and working capital processes.” Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer

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Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.