Intercompany Tracking Module

This module allows you to track and automatically reconcile intercompany cash movements between business units and reporting entities in your forecast model.

Simplified Intercompany reconciliation

Tracking and reconciling intercompany cash movements can be one of the most challenging and time consuming parts of operating a multi-business unit cash flow forecasting model. The intercompany flows between business units must be reconciled to zero before any meaningful analysis can take place including running the fully consolidated cash flow report or carrying out variance analysis.

Easy, Effortless Cash Reconciliation

The Intercompany Module works by allowing users to enter or upload the intercompany business counterparties for each transaction which then automatically populates the equal and opposite transaction in the other business units’ cash flows.

This in turn means that, when the Intercompany Module is used, the intercompany line in the consolidation report will always net to zero, meaning that no time is wasted in every reporting cycle reconciling and chasing cash flows between business units.

Key Benefits

No time is spent reconciling intercompany cash flows

Significantly speeds up reporting cycle

Eases friction between business units and head office

It can used in multiple intercompany lines in a model

We would spend up to five hours on reconciling the cash across the entities on a weekly basis, with CashAnalytics this process is now taking an hour at the most

Ben Stilwell Chief Financial Officer

Reduce your manual effort by up to 90%

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.