How CashAnalytics allowed TreasuryOne move away from manual cash reporting processes

What’s the biggest advantage to working with cash reporting software? Is it just the time saved or is it something more?

We recently heard from Pieter Cronje, Head of Cash & Liquidity Management at TreasuryONE, and had the pleasure of learning how CashAnalytics helped their team. For us, this was a BIG deal. Here’s why…

TreasuryONE isn’t just another business that needs more cash visibility for themselves. Instead, they’re an agency that helps OTHER businesses get a handle on cash flow. In other words, TreasuryONE’s success or failure depends on how well they can help companies unlock their financial potential. It also means that TreasuryONE needed a way to give ALL their clients accurate cash flow projections in real-time and in a centralized user-dashboard that was easily accessible to key stakeholders.

When Pieter made the change to CashAnalytics:

👉 His team was able to move away from tedious and manual processes that were eating up too much time in the week

👉 He replaced the time people spent on data-entry with data analysis

👉 The team quickly started driving better financial decisions for their clients

The results from their cash flow forecasts are now more reliable. Plus, the team can obtain those results in a fraction of the time when compared to manually forecasting in Excel.

CashAnalytics allowed Pieter’s team to get better results with real-time updates in a fraction of the time.

For TreasuryONE, working with CashAnalytics isn’t simply about “saving time.”

It’s about taking away tedious and error-prone tasks from their clients and delivering reliable output in a user-friendly dashboard. With CashAnalytics, their clients feel more confident in their cash flow projections and can make smarter decisions regarding their strategy for cash management.

But the impact of the software also went much further toward boosting morale at TreasuryONE.

“The team is a lot happier,” Pieter said. “They’re not spending time on gathering information. They’re actually applying their minds and doing what they’re supposed to be doing and filling in gaps where we might be missing crucial information to make proper decisions.”

His team members now spend their week analyzing forecasts for their clients instead of creating and reconciling spreadsheets with Excel. This leads to higher quality output, so they can deliver better results and truly unlock their clients’ financial potential.

And that’s saying a lot considering TreasuryONE is South Africa’s leading treasury solutions agency. That means they don’t just need to worry about their own cash flow, they need to manage cash & liquidity for companies all over the world.

To learn more about the advantages Pieter’s team has with the right cash reporting software, check out this short video below👇