Flexible, Highly Automated Cash Flow Forecast Models

Flexible cash flow forecast models sit at the center of cash forecasting in CashAnalytics. Much like building a model in a spreadsheet, they can be customized to a very high level to suit your exact requirements. Unlike spreadsheets, the forecast models in CashAnalytics are highly structured and easily controlled with high levels of built in automation.

Flexible Cash Flow Forecasting

Every aspect of the forecast models in CashAnalytics can be easily configured to meet the exact requirements of all of the business units and reporting entities in your company.

This starts with the cash flow template, categories and calendars and extends through the data sources and tools used to create the forecast.

  • Highly customizable cash forecast models
  • Easy to use and operate for all users
  • Easy to scale and control in multi-entity companies
  • Quick to modify and update the structure of forecast models

Highly automated with deep functionality

The ongoing creation and update of cash forecasts in the models on CashAnalytics is highly automated.

Alongside integration with key data sources such as ERPs and banks, the forecast models contain a range of tools that help automate every aspect of the forecasting process.

  • Integration with bank and ERP for transaction level detail
  • Forecasting tool-kit including trend forecasting and budget modelling
  • Track intercompany flows between business unit
  • Model debt facilities and working capital KPIs

Forecast model features

  • Customizable templates and reporting calendars
  • Inbuilt Forecast tool-kit
  • Split/ multi-period forecasting (e.g. daily + weekly)
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-business unit
  • Easy to roll and extend on a regular basis
  • All historical versions saved
  • Drill down to transaction level of detail (bank and ledger)
  • Add comments (cell and general)

CashAnalytics provides a flexible, easy to handle Cash Forecast solution that supports me and my colleagues reliably in the daily work. Also, onboarding of new subsidiary or bank accounts is no big challenge. Any questions to the CashAnalytics Team will be answered with top priority. CashAnalytics provides the relevant features that we as JOST have expected.

Peter Fox Head of Treasury

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