Save hours of manual effort and achieve clear, daily cash flow visibility.

Get fast answers to cash flow questions and make data backed decisions with confidence. CashAnalytics empowers Financial Controllers with clear, daily cash visibility.

Make cash flow forecasting and bank reporting faster and easier

Save hours of manual work, every week

Get rid of your monster cash flow models and save hours of manual work with a streamlined cash forecasting solution.

Create reliable & accurate cash flow forecasts

The accuracy and reliability of your cash flow forecasts will improve dramatically with a a robust and scalable system in place.

Gain clearer & deeper cash flow visibility

Gain a deeper understanding of cash across your entire business with the data you need at your fingertips.

Fully automated cash forecasting

  • Reduce manual effort by 80%
  • Produce reliable & robust output
  • Support higher value tasks & business goals

Critical Visibility

  • Enhance cash & liquidity management
  • Discover acquisition & investment opportunities
  • Improve investor, management, and stakeholder reporting

Cash-Debt Optimization

  • Use excess cash to minimize debt levels
  • Reduce interest & funding costs
  • Fund business units & subsidiaries more efficiently

Working Capital Improvement

  • Keep cash in the business for longer
  • Increase cash & liquidity balances, including reserves
  • Drive free cash flow improvements

See what our customers are saying

“The cost of not moving forward with CashAnalytics is you’re going to end up with an unhappy team that’s spending time on mundane work, not really optimally utilizing resources, and allowing them to apply their minds to analyze the data. You’re also going to spend time trying to mind manual errors, because let’s face it excel is prone to errors. If you want a happy team and reliable data that is coming through timeless then I’d definitely recommend CashAnalytics.” Pieter Cronje, Head of Cash and Liquidity Forecasting at TreasuryONE.

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.