Your success is our success

With a keen interest in cash flow reporting and a deep understanding of CashAnalytics, our Customer Success team is on hand at every stage of the implementation process and beyond.

Trusted by Finance Professionals Worldwide

Be up and running within weeks

Working together with our clients, we map out a project implementation plan. From setting up goals and timelines, we ensure that clients are fully set up within 8 weeks. Most importantly, the roll-out of CashAnalytics is designed to have minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

Dedicated Implementation Manager

Your personal Implementation Manager will support you through the full implementation process via zoom meetings, email, phone and web demos.

Individual project plan

In order to ensure our clients realize the value of our platform as quickly as possible we work with them to create a detailed project plan with milestones and deliverable timelines.

Account set up

Once the project plan has been agreed upon by your team we will get to work on the set up. Any information will be requested prior to getting the set up process started.

Data import

Our expert team works with your in-house technical team to ensure the most appropriate and smooth configuration with internal systems like ERP software and bank connections.

User training

Step by step training and guidance is provided for all end users at each company, ensuring that teams can use CashAnalytics successfully. We don’t just help with implementation - we are on hand for the first reporting cycle too.

Ongoing support

Our customer’s success is our success. We offer ongoing platform support, as well as access to a variety of resources such as in platform videos, webinars and handbooks.

Seamless Implementation and Ongoing Customer Support

“CashAnalytics has been better than any other system implementation I’ve ever done. The system was up and running within two weeks. This isn’t an overly complicated system but for that sort of system, I would expect it in more than six weeks or two months.” Patrick Clarke, Group Treasurer at Excellence Logging

Grow faster with clear cash visibility

Get rid of your spreadsheets and manage your cash flow easily in one place.