Our mission is to help organizations gain clear visibility over their cash and liquidity needs

Our Story

Since we started our journey in 2012, we’ve helped over 1,000 businesses across 40 countries focus less on manual cash forecasting tasks and more time on analyzing and understanding cash flow.

We help automate cash reporting processes and free up time for higher value work, enabling Finance teams to make an impact on the strategic direction of their business.

With combined experience covering finance, treasury, consulting and software development we have grown a high-performing team that has worked relentlessly to make CashAnalytics the best cash forecasting solution available today.

Our Mission

At CashAnalytics our aim is to help organizations achieve clear visibility over their cash and liquidity needs. Why? Having a real understanding of working capital results in sounder financial decisions and helps businesses achieve what they set out to.

We know the time and effort that is spent on cash flow analysis and forecasting by companies world wide, every day. Most of this time is focused on manual tasks which often produces a basic output with little or no business insight. We want to change this.

Product first

We strive everyday to make the CashAnalytics platform work better for our customers. We are committed to product innovation with regular feedback from existing clients as to how we can continue to make our platform as valuable as possible.

Customer - Centricity

Our customer’s success is at the core of everything we do. We are passionately committed to ensuring that customer experience exceeds expectations from the first contact with our sales team all the way through the day-to-day interaction with our customer success colleagues.

Industry leading expertise

We pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge in the areas of cash forecasting, cash flow management and liquidity planning. This sits at the center of both the product and service we provide.

Founding Management Team

Our founders have made a long term commitment to building an exceptional company built around an exceptional product.

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Conor Deegan

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Martin Gillespie

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Gareth Stenson

Head of Product
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Chris Blake


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