Empower your Finance Team with our Cashflow Forecasting Tools

Enhance your financial strategy with CashAnalytics advanced cashflow forecasting tools. Get up to 90% less effort in cash flow forecasting, with highly accurate data, freeing time for in-depth analysis and strategic decisions.

Trend Forecasting

This feature allows you to quickly and easily create trend base cash flow forecast models using historical cash flow data.

  • Highly automated forecasting
  • Makes intelligent use of historical cash flow data
  • Highly configurable depending on cash flow categories
  • Can be used in combination with forecasting methods.

Budget Modeling

Using cash flow drivers, CashAnalytics allows monthly budgets and other business plans such as sales forecast to be translated into cash flow forecasts.

  • Provides medium to long term cash forecast visibility
  • Aligns cash forecasts with budgets
  • Highly configurable with layered cash flow drivers
  • Easy to set-up and maintain on an ongoing basis

Recurring Items

Predictable cash flows, such as salaries and rent are essential for ongoing forecasts. In CashAnalytics, simply set them up, assign to a line item, and they will apply automatically to the current and future versions forecasts without manual intervention.

In-sheet modeling

CashAnalytics' Cash flow forecast models provide spreadsheet-like formulas and cell linking capabilities within the system, allowing you to customize your company's cash flows.

This in-sheet modeling can be applied broadly to entire cash flow line items or used for linking different line items, ensuring the cash flow model meets your specific requirements effectively,

Cash sweep modeling

Cash sweeps impact cash flow at business unit and bank account levels, centralizing cash for liquidity management but adding complexity to forecasting. CashAnalytics' sweeping module simplifies this by structuring sweeps and pooling directly within cash flow forecast models. It sets target pooling balances and automates posting of actual and forecast sweeps, streamlining the process further.

Senior management’s faith in our forecasts is now at an all time high and we are using what we are seeing as a basis for significant decision making for the company’s future, something we couldn’t do before. I have received significant praise for choosing CA and implementing so quickly and we are extremely happy with how everything went.

Patrick Clarke Group Treasurer

Reduce your manual effort by up to 90%

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