Take the Pain out of Cash Flow Forecasting

CashAnalytics automates manual cash forecasting and cash reporting tasks, giving controlling and treasury teams a single source of reliable cash flow data with a fraction of the effort.

Replace your monster cash flow spreadsheets with an automated software solution

Are you controller or treasurer spending hours a week managing and updating a 10+ tab spreadsheet to monitor and forecast cash flow? CashAnalytics takes all of this manual work off the table by connecting directly to your ERPs and banks, automating the majority of your cash reporting and forecasting process.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Automated cash flow forecasting allows you to confidently plan for what’s ahead with less work.

Bank Connectivity

Connect to your banks to see all of your cash and every account across the group in one place.

Working Capital Analytics

Gain deep insight into what's driving short term cash flow with in-depth AP and AR analytics.

CashAnalytics supports mission critical cash and liquidity management activity

JOST uses CashAnalytics to automate daily cash reporting and weekly liquidity forecasting

Find out how JOST uses CashAnalytics to support daily cash reporting, cash flow forecasting, business unit funding and debt management.

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CEVA Logistics mobilised $100M of idle cash using enhanced cash flow visibility from CashAnalytics

CEVA Logistics uses CashAnalytics to ensure that cash from across the group is always put the best possible use.

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Why companies use CashAnalytics?

Cash Reporting & Forecasting Automation

Save hours a week and days a month by automating the manual process of cash forecasting and cash reporting through CashAnalytics.

Cash Flow & Working Capital Visibility

CashAnalytics will give you the cash flow visibility you need to confidently manage your high value cash and liquidity management activities.

Interest & Working Capital Savings

With more reliable and accurate cash forecasting, backed up by in depth working capital analytics, CashAnalytics will allow you reduce interest costs and improve working capital.

Automated cash flow forecasting

CashAnalytics is the most comprehensive cash flow forecasting solution on the market today. Benefit from a range of forecasting tools and direct ERP and bank connectivity to automate the process of cash flow forecasting from end-to-end.

Detailed cash flow reporting and analytics

Quickly answer cash flow and liquidity questions from stakeholders and plan with confidence with the cash flow, invoice and customer level data you need, at your fingertips available.

Easily collaborate and gather cash flow data

Cash forecasting and reporting often requires inputs from across the organisation. Easily collaborate with colleagues across the finance function through a single, easy to use interface.

Seamless integration with your ERP for automated AP and AR forecasting and analysis

Connect your ERP directly to CashAnalytics to automate short term forecasting, enrich your reporting with up to date AP and AR data and get a deep insight into the payment behavior of your customers.

ERP connectivity

Watch a short video of CashAnalytics

We are confident you’ve never seen a system like CashAnalytics before. Best to find out for yourself though – watch the short video below to see it in action.

The protection & security of data is our #1 priority

As a Software as a Service [SaaS] provider, we are responsible for safeguarding our customer's data, and for ensuring that all information is protected against unauthorized destruction, disclosure or modification. CashAnalytics cloud services are ISO 27001:2022 certified, SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant.

Our Expertise

We are experts in the area of corporate cash forecasting and management having helped 100's of companies gain automated visibility over their cash flow.

We write extensively about cash flow topics on our blog and regularly publish guides to share our experience. Some of these are shared below.

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